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Own your profits and guest relationships by allowing guests to easily order pickup or delivery directly from you – commission-free.

See a guided walkthrough of the Advanced Settings for Online Ordering in your Toast Account. 

Click the button below for a step-by-step walkthrough in your Toast account of the advanced settings in Online Ordering and learn how to boost your Online Ordering sales. 

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Schedule Overrides

This feature allows you to change your Online Ordering schedule to be independent of your restaurant’s standard hours of operation. With Schedule Overrides, you can set black out dates, add limited hours or extended hours to accommodate holidays, staff meetings, private parties, and more.

To customize your hours for Online Ordering: 

1. Navigate to the Takeout & delivery using the navigation layout on the left side of the screen in Toasts back-end. From the Availability section, select Online Ordering schedule.

Image 9-8-21 at 2.12 PM.jpgImage 9-10-21 at 10.52 AM.jpg

2. Navigate to the Schedule Overrides section and select +Add Override

From here, you will be able to customize your hours on specific days. For example, if you want to close early on Thanksgiving, you can add an override to make these adjustments. Note that times must be set in 15 minute increments. 

3. Don't forget to Save and Publish your changes!


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Order Quote Time

Order quote time is the estimated time it will take to prep orders. Quote times are used to tell a guest how long their order will take and to control order firing to the kitchen. This is customizable to your restaurant. For a guided walk-through of this setup in your Toast account, click the button below. 

Or check out this article and learn more about quote time configuration on your Toast back-end. 


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Future Orders

If you'd like your guests to have the ability to schedule their online order for a future date or time, navigate to Takeout & delivery in Toasts back-end and select Online Ordering

Image 9-8-21 at 2.12 PM.jpgImage 9-8-21 at 3.26 PM.jpg

Navigate to the Online Ordering Scheduled Settings section. If you would like your guests to be able to schedule future orders, select Yes, guests may schedule orders. By default, your guests will be able to order ahead by 14 days. 

A customized limit can be set in the Max Future Scheduled Order Date (days) section by selecting the Custom Date Range option and entering the number of days you'd like your guests to be able to schedule orders out. For example, if you'd like to allow your guests to schedule orders up to a month in advance, you would enter 30 in the blank field. Or, if you only want guests to order ahead on the same day, you would enter 0 in the blank field. 

If future ordering is enabled then your guests will have the option to select Schedule for Later and choose the order date and time from the dropdown right on your Online Ordering website. 


However, if you enabled No, all orders will be fulfilled as soon as possible, your guest will not see an option to choose a date or time, meaning the order will be fulfilled ASAP. 

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Curbside Pickup for Online Orders

In efforts to minimize direct contact between guests and employees, a guest can use the Curbside Pickup option for takeout orders. This provides instructions to staff so they can deliver takeout orders directly to a guest's car parked outside your door. 

This option will appear as a checkbox when a guest is placing their order online or through the Toast TakeOut app. 

Then, they will be prompted to enter their vehicle's make, model, and color. 


After the order is placed, guests will be shown a Curbside Pickup confirmation with a time it will be ready. Guests are then encouraged to call the restaurant once they arrive and restaurant staff will use the vehicle information entered to deliver the order. 

Order Confirmation: 

Guest receipt: 

Kitchen ticket: 


First, you'll need to create or update an existing dining option with the Curbside behavior. Then, select the dining option within your online ordering settings to enable curbside pickup for online orders. 

1. In Toast's back-end, navigate to the Kitchen section on the left side of your screen and select Dining Options

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 9.14.28 AM.png


2. Select + Add to create a new dining option and enter "Curbside Pickup" in the Name field. Alternatively, if you'd like to change the behavior of an existing dining, skip to the next step. 


3. Select Curbside from the behavior dropdown. 


4. Save your changes. 

5. Then, navigate to the Takeout & Delivery section in Toast's back-end and select Online Ordering. 

6. Scroll down to Dining Options and select the dropdown menu next to Curbside Option. Choose a dining option from the list with curbside pickup behavior. 

7. Optional: Select Add instructions to enter a customer message for guests placing orders for curbside pickup. For example, this can be a reminder to call the restaurant upon arrival or to open the trunk of your car for a contactless delivery to your vehicle. 


8. When finished, be sure to Save and Publish your changes!

To enable contactless check-in links via text for guests or to learn more about about setting up Curbside Pickup for online ordering, check out this article

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Minimum Lead Time Settings 

If you select Yes, guests may schedule orders, the Minimum Lead Time Settings section will appear.

This is the section where you can set the limit to how soon your restaurant will accept an online order. This feature is intended for restaurants that use Toast's Online Ordering for catering. For example, let's say your restaurant set the Delivery Minimum Lead Time to 6 hours. If a guest wants a delivery order at 4:00 pm, the earliest they can place that order is 10:00 am. 

You can enter your desired lead time settings for online takeout orders in the text field for Takeout Minimum Lead Time (hours) and enter your desired lead time hours for online delivery in the text field for Delivery Minimum Lead Time (hours)

If Prep Times are set up, then they will be factored in when calculating first available Fulfillment Times. Fulfillment Time is the calculated time that the kitchen will fulfill (complete) a particular order. 

For example, let's say the Takeout Minimum Lead Time for your restaurant is 6 hours, the order has a 30 minute Prep Time, and the restaurant opens at 9:00 am. To calculate the Fulfillment Time, we'll add the Minimum Lead Time and the Prep Time, 6 hours + 30 minutes, resulting in the Fulfillment Time of 3:30 pm.  However, if the restaurant is closed then the order would automatically bump the fulfillment time to the next day.

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Menu Item Images

Toast recommends using images at the menu item level to optimize menu navigation and to provide a smooth experience for your guests. The menu item images you use for your main restaurant website are pulled to your Online Ordering site. 

To add images to menu items, navigate to the Menu section in Toasts back-end and select Advanced Properties

Then, navigate to the menu item you want to add an image to. For example, if you wanted to add an image to the Signature Nachos Appetizer, you would navigate to FOOD > Appetizers > and select Signature Nachos

From here, navigate to the Properties section and upload an image and add a description. 

Note: If you want this menu item to be available for your Online Ordering site, make sure you select Yes for Orderable Online. To learn more about making menus or menu items available/unavailable for online ordering, check out this article

Here's an example of what an Online Ordering site could like with menu images:

To learn more about Image Optimization, check out our Online Ordering FAQ.

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Throttling Orders

We know a day in the restaurant life is never the same and sometimes you experience surprise rushes or things get crazy during peak business hours. In these instances, you can use Toasts Throttling Tool to put a hold on/pause orders coming in from online ordering. 

You can throttle orders two different ways: on a Toast device or from Toast's back-end. 

To do this from the Toast back-end, navigate to the online ordering controls at the top of the homepage. Under Quote Times, select Add delay and choose a time option from the dropdown menu.

Note, a dropdown will also be available for delivery orders if the delivery dining option is set to On. If you are using Toast Now, changes to the above controls will take effect immediately. If you are using Toast Online Ordering with Toast POS, changes to the above controls will be saved automatically but will need to be published in order to show on your Toast Online Ordering site. 

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Notification Setup

Pop-up alert notifications can be set up to appear on your Toast device when a new online order is received.

To set up notifications for online ordering, navigate to Front of House using the navigation on the left side of your screen and select Notification setup under the POS notifications header. 

Screen Shot 2021-10-05 at 9.17.43 AM.png

Then, enable New online orders.

Make sure to Save and Publish your changes! 

When enabled, New online order notifications appear as a pop-up alert on your POS devices. 


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Email Notification Setup

To further ensure Online Orders are not overlooked or missed, Toast allows your restaurant to create a contact group that can receive email notifications anytime an Online Order is placed. 

To set up Email Notifications for Online Orders, navigate to Toast account on the left hand menu Toasts back-end. Choose Contact Settings under the Notifications & alerts section. 

Image 9-10-21 at 10.55 AM.jpgImage 9-10-21 at 10.58 AM.jpg

Navigate to Email Lists and select +Create Email List. Then, name this email list. For example, you could name an email list "Managers". 

Add existing users or external email addresses to the new contact list by selecting Add Users and/or Add External Email

Next, under Email Contact Settings, you can add the Email List to Incoming Orders and Delivery Orders by using the drop down menu. 

Save and Publish your changes. 

Once published, the members of this email list will receive notifications to their emails when online orders have been placed.

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Further Resources

Toast recommends reviewing the Online Orders section in tandem with the Takeout and Delivery Setup Options to properly configure all aspects of Toast's online ordering system.

For a printable version of the Toast Online Ordering: Advanced Settings Guide click here  or select the image below.

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