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There's a new service model shaking up restaurants across the country. Read The New Steps of Service from On the Line to learn how to use it in your restaurant.

Toast Order & Pay™ provides your guests with a contactless ordering and payment experience in your restaurant. Guests simply scan a QR code at their table to identify where they're sitting, browse your menu, place their order, and pay for their meal, all from the convenience and safety of their own device. 

By putting your guests in control of their dine-in experience, Toast Order & Pay can help you reduce your labor costs, improve table turn times, and increase sales. All while offering your guests a safer and more efficient way to dine in your restaurant. 

*Please note, your restaurant will need to have at least one dining option set with Dine In behavior to use this feature. 

In this article:

Creating Order & Pay Table Signs with QR Codes
Setting Up Printers for Order & Pay Adjusting Menu Visibility for Order & Pay
Adjusting Menu Availability for Order & Pay
Creating a Guest-Friendly Menu for Order & Pay
Training Your Staff to Use Order & Pay
Modifying Tip Settings for Order & Pay
Item-Level Discounts
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To set up Order & Pay for your restaurant, watch the following video, or read the steps listed below. 

Creating Toast Order & Pay Table Signs with QR Codes

For your table signs, you can either use a customizable Toast Template (pictured below) or make your own from scratch. If you use the Toast Template we'll generate the files for unique signs for each table for you, and provide a Toast recommended printing solution, or you can use a preferred printer of your choice. If you would like to create your own fully customized sign design in a graphics program, you can download the QR codes for each table and import them into your own sign template. 

Toast Template Example:

To create your Toast Order & Pay signs using the Toast Template:
1. In Toast's back-end, navigate to the Front of house setup section and select Order and pay at the table setup. 

2. Select the Service Areas and Tables you want to create signs for. 

3. Then, select Continue with Template

Note, if you decide to print the signs on your own, click Download QR codes. This will give you unique QR codes for each table selected. 

4. Review the logo pulled from your Restaurant Info page. If this is correct, select Confirm and Continue

5. Choose a color to compliment your logo. This will appear at the bottom of the template. Use the color picker or enter a Hex code before selecting Next

6. Select Place Sign Order to print your signs through Toast's recommended printer. You will then have the option to print professional table cards, table tents or table towers. 

Or, select Download PDF file to download the signs on your computer and print your own. 

We also recommend purchasing sign holders like the ones made available here. These are easy to find and stand out to the guest. We found that conventional table tents are often ignored by guests since they're so commonly used on restaurant tables. 

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Setting Up Printers for Order & Pay

Printing is a common source of challenges. Be sure to read this section carefully. You'll need to set up an auto-firing device and revisit your non-printing prep stations. Additionally, you will need to ensure you have at least one dining option set with the Dine In behavior in your restaurant. 

905e5f57-60fe-432e-aa80-913b1f93f00c (1).jpg

Setting Up an Auto-Firing Device

You'll need to configure an auto-firing device to fire Order & pay orders directly to the kitchen. To enable auto-firing on a device:

1. In Toast's back-end, navigate to the Takeout & delivery section on the left side of your screen and select Online Ordering

2. In the Approval section, select Send orders directly to kitchen

3. Next to Auto-fire Device, select Update and choose a device. We recommend choosing a device that is connected to ethernet. 

4. Save and Publish your changes. 

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Revisit Non-Printing Prep Stations

Order & Pay Orders will print according to the print settings of your auto-firing device. In other words, if you choose a terminal as your auto-firing device that prints to the kitchen, your Order & Pay orders will route to the same kitchen printers. You will need to confirm that you do not want tickets to print to all prep stations listed as non-printing on this device. 

To revisit your non-printing prep stations:
1. Log in to the device selected to auto-fire. 

2. Select the Toast icon in the top left corner. 

3. Navigate to the Setup section and select Device Setup
4. Scroll down to Non-Printing Prep Stations and select it. 

5. Confirm that you wouldn't like any of these prep stations to print. You may have to choose a new auto-firing device if you need to keep some of these stations as non-printing. 

There's an additional setting that will prevent Order & Pay orders from being printed in the Other Setup section of Toast Web. If the Orders Send Only After Check Is Paid setting is set to Yes, then your orders will not send to your kitchen when they are placed through Order & Pay and using tabs. To adjust this setting:
1. Select the Toast icon on the top left corner of your device.

2. Scroll to Setup and select Other Setup.

Terminal > Setup > Other Setup.png

3. Navigate to UI Options and select it. 

4. Scroll to Orders Send Only After Check Is Paid.

Orders Send Only After Check Is Paid Setting.png

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Setting Up Group Ordering for Order & Pay

Group Ordering allows multiple guests to join a single tab from their own device, and then submit orders to the kitchen all at once on the same ticket. Please note, we recommend enabling this feature in conjunction with the tabs or preauthorized tabs feature mentioned in the previous section. This will ensure guests have the optimal Order & Pay experience in your restaurant. 

To enable this feature:

1. In Toast's back-end, navigate to Front of house setup on the left side of your screen and select Order and pay at the table setup under the Digital dine-in orders section. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 11.33.23 AM.png

2. Next to Group Ordering beta, switch the toggle to the On position. 

Screen Shot 2021-07-14 at 11.39.03 AM.png

Congratulations! You've successfully enabled Group Ordering for guests using Order & Pay. Now it's up to your staff to welcome your guests and get them accustomed to the ordering process. 

Not sure how to message this feature to guests? Check out our Staff Training Guide: Order & Pay™️

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Adjusting Menu Visibility for Order & Pay

You can decide what menus you want to be available for guests ordering by phone by adjusting your menu visibility settings.
1. In Toast's back-end, navigate to the Menus section and select Advanced properties

2. Use the Show/Hide filter in the top, right corner of the page and select Visible To.

3. Next to the menu you want to appear, change the Visible To setting to In-store orders: POS and Kiosk and Order and Pay. Complete this step for all menu components you'd like your guests to have access to. 
Note, if you click into the item or group from Advanced Properties instead, you will need to scroll down to the Properties section and next to Visible To, select In-store orders: POS, and In-store orders: Kiosk and Order & Pay. 
4. Save your changes. 

5. Select Publish Now to finalize your changes. 

Note, these changes can also be made on the menu / group / item detail page by scrolling down to Properties section and choosing a Visible To setting. We recommend using Advanced properties above in order to save time and adjust this setting for multiple items at once. 

Remember, guests will be looking at this menu, not your staff! Therefore, we recommend looking at the names of your items and what modifiers are available to make sure they are guest-friendly. We recommend:
  • Reducing the number of modifiers available to guests. 
  • Changing the names of menu items to be guest-friendly. 
  • Turning the most popular cocktail into menu items and using modifiers to allow deeper customization of cocktails. 
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Adjusting Menu Availability for Order & Pay

In some cases, you may choose not to offer Order & Pay at all times of the day. In order to disable the menus listed on Order & Pay, we recommend creating a copy of your current menu offerings, changing their visibility according to the steps listed above, and adjusting their availability to end when the restaurant closes. 

1. To create a copy of an existing menu, navigate to Edit menus in the Menus section of Toast's back-end. 

2. Select the three-dot icon next to the Menu's name and select Copy

3. Save your changes. 

4. Select the copied menu and edit the Name field to remove "copy." We recommend giving this menu a new title that will help you differentiate it from other active menus on your POS. 

5. Then, scroll down to the Availability section of the page and select No next to Available at all times of the day?

6. Enter your restaurant opening and closing time in the time fields available. 

7. Then, scroll down to the Properties section and ensure In-store orders: POS and In-store: Kiosk and Order & Pay are selected next to Visible To

8. Select Save and Publish Now to finalize your changes. 

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Creating a Guest-Friendly Menu for Order & Pay

You'll want to modify your menu for Order & Pay to be clear and guest-friendly. The two biggest parts of a good guest-facing menu are:
  • A limited number of modifier groups and modifier options available.
  • Menu item names that are clear. 

Cutting down on the number of steps necessary for the ordering process streamlines the guest experience. To limit the number of modifier groups and options available:

1. Navigate to Advance properties in the Menu section of Toast's back-end. 

2. Select the modifier group or modifier option you'd like to change. 

3. Scroll down to the Properties section. 

4. Deselect the Visible To setting In-store orders: Kiosk. 

5. When finished, select Save and Publish Now to finalize your changes. 

To create clear guest-facing item names, we recommend listing the full name of the item in the Name field and entering an abbreviated name in the POS Name field for servers. For example, you may consider listing the "Californian Chicken Sandwich" in the Name field so guests recognize the item and listing "CHX SAND" in the POS Name field for servers entering orders on the POS. 

To use different names for the guest and server:

1. Navigate to Advanced properties in the Menus section of Toast's back-end. 

2. Select the item you'd like to edit. 

3. Enter your desired guest-facing name in the Name field and your server-facing name in the POS Name field. 

4. When finished, select Save and Publish to finalize your changes. 

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Training Your Staff to Use Order & Pay

When using Order & pay, we recommend staff members providing table service follow these steps:

1. Greet the guest and seat them at a table. 

2. Explain ordering by phone and help them load the menu using their table's unique QR code. 

3. Let guests know they can proceed to place their order and payment through the website or place their order with you later on. 

4. Remind guests that you're available to answer any questions. 

Successful restaurants using Order & Pay position ordering by phone as the default way to order and see on average 60% of their guests or more choosing to order this way. The most important part of guests successfully using Order & Pay is the beginning of the experience. It is imperative that staff help guests load the menu and explain the option to order by phone. 

This allows the staff members to become the "GM" of the section rather than a server. Then can focus on talking to tables, answering questions, and delivering hospitality rather than entering orders and taking payments. 

Not sure how to communicate this to your staff? Check out our Staff Training Guide: Order & Pay™️ that you can share. 

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Modifying Tip Settings for Order & Pay

There are two options for allocating tips from Order & Pay to servers:
1. Using a "virtual server" assigned to the auto-firing device (if you use Online Ordering, this is the same virtual server that is already collecting Online Ordering tips). If you do not use Online Ordering, you will need to create a new virtual server by following the instructions below.

2. Server Assignment - assign a server to tables at the start of each shift from the POS terminal. Then during the shift, all Order & Pay tips will be allocated to the respective server. If you assign servers to tables at the start of the shift, these assignments will override the assigned virtual server from the auto-firing device. Tips from any tables that use Order & Pay and are NOT assigned to a server during the shift will still pool to the virtual server. Learn how to use Server assignments below.

If you would like to include an automatic service charge to an Order & Pay check, learn more about how to set it up here

Adding a New Virtual Server for Tip Pooling
  1. To pool tips among servers, add a new virtual employee and name it "Tip Pool Server". Note: if you use Online Ordering, Online Ordering tips will also go to this same server.
  2. Once created, assign the new employee under the server selection section of the Online Ordering settings page to collect tips for orders placed through Order & Pay.
  3. All the tips will accumulate to this virtual employee, and you can redistribute them when processing payroll. To make it easier to keep up with how many tips go to each server, we recommend taking a quick note at the end of the shift showing what quantity of tips should go to each server.
Alternatively, if you only have one server each shift who should receive tips for Order & Pay orders, you could choose the option Assign by auto-firing tablet under the server selection section of the Online Ordering settings page.

If you would like to include an automatic service charge for Order & Pay checks, learn more here .

Order & Pay Server Assignments

This feature allows you to assign servers to tables, allowing them to receive tips earned on their assigned tables. This is an alternative to Tip Pooling if you are using Toast's Order & Pay. If you want to change the suggested tip options for Toast Order and Pay or for more information about tip configuration, check out this article.

Watch this short demo video or follow the steps below for setup.

Here's how it works:
  1. Access the table management layout screen on your device and select Assign Tables via the three white dots in the top right corner of the screen.
assign tables.PNG
  1. All of your employees will display in the left column. Employees who are clocked in till populate to the top of the list.
clocked in employees.PNG
  1. To assign a server, select the employee's name in the left column and then select the table you would like to assign the server to by tapping the table number.
select server and table.PNG

The table layout will show assigned tables with a pattern. The patterns correspond with the assigned server. The number of tables assigned to a server is indicated in the server's name tile.

Note: If you have over 8-10 servers assigned to tables during a shift, patterns will repeat.

Server Assignment FAQ

What happens when a server clocks out?

Servers will automatically be unassigned and will have to be reassigned upon clock in.

Can servers transfer checks?

Yes, servers can transfer checks as usual.

What happens if a server goes on break?

The system will recognize scheduled breaks. Servers will stay assigned to their table during breaks. If breaks are not scheduled in the system, servers will be unassigned when they clock out for a break.


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Item-Level Discounts

With Order and Pay, a restaurant can now create a discount specifically for items through the guest's use of a promo code. Check out our comprehensive Discount guide to learn how to configure discounts and promo codes in your back-end. If the guest is ready to use a promo code, they will have the option to add it to their check once at checkout. 

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See What Our Customers Have to Say!

Last but not least...

Nice work! By taking the steps listed above, you are ready to start using Order & Pay in your restaurant. Before you show off your signs to the guests, check out our Order & Pay at the Table FAQs to learn how to serve alcohol through Order & Pay, how guests can split a check, and more. 
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