Splitting Checks by Item

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Splitting checks by item is simple. On any check, begin by selecting the Split button.

The SPLIT screen shows the items on the check. To SPLIT by item. The options across are:

  • Tap and Drop - In Split mode, simply tap individual items and move to a new check
  • SPLIT Button - Tap this with an item selected to be prompted to divide the item by any number.
  • BY SEAT # - If the server has designated seat numbers for each item, this will split the check by seats with one tap.
  • DONE - To complete changes and exit the SPLIT Screen

You also have the ability to simply tap and drop any item(s) into a new check.

Tap and Drop:

To view the split checks, swipe from left to right.

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From the split screen, choosing the Split button again will prompt a keypad where you can enter how many ways you would like to split an individual item.


If your restaurant operates using seat numbers, a check can be split according to seat number. From the split screen, select the BY SEAT # buttons. All items will be split by according to their seat numbers.

TitleSplitting Checks by Item
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